What is Fetal Movement Counting?

It is normal for your healthy, growing fetus to move frequently in your womb. You can help look out for the health of your baby by recording a count of the number of times your baby kicks, twists, or turns. Doing this is called fetal movement counting, or “Kick Counts”. You will usually feel your baby move by the 20th week of pregnancy.

When do I do Kick Counts?

Your obstetrician or nurse-midwife may ask you to keep a record of how long it takes your baby to move 5 times.

Count fetal movements twice each day at the baby’s “busy times”. This is usually in the evening, around bedtime, after meals and after exercise.

How do I do Kick Counts?

  • Get relaxed and comfortable. Loosen tight clothing. Lay down on your side or sit with your feet propped up. You may find it easier to concentrate with the TV off.
  • Note the time you start. Count movements until you reach at least 5. Each roll, kick, or punch or twist counts as 1 fetal movement.
  • On the “My Baby Movement’s” counting sheet, put a check mark on the line for each movement you feel. Note the time you finish.
  • If the baby is quiet, drink a glass of cold juice and start over.

What do I do if I don’t feel 5 movements in an hour?

If the baby does not move 5 times in 1 hour, please call your heath care provider and follow their recommendations.

Contact your doctor office if you have any concerns.