Care in the Hospital

  1. Immediately after the circumcision, a double diaper (one cloth diaper inside the disposable diaper) with petroleum jelly (Vaseline) applied to the front will be placed on you baby and remain on for about two hours. This double diaper will aid in preventing any bleeding. The petroleum jelly will protect the tip of the penis from burning when the baby urinates. It will also keep it from drying and sticking to the diaper.
  2. Your nurse will be checking on your baby for bleeding and pain. If you need help changing your baby or have any questions, please ask your nurse and/or midwife.
  3. At first, the tip of the penis is swollen and bright red. Within one or two days, you will notice a decrease in the swelling and may see a yellow covering of the tip of the penis. This is normal new tissue growth.
  4. Your baby may be given acetaminophen (Tylenol) after the circumcision for pain control with your permission.

Care at Home.

  1. After the initial two-hour period, you may diaper your baby normally, using about one tablespoon of petroleum jelly every diaper change until the penis is healed. The healing will occur in three to four days. The healing is complete when the tip of the penis is no longer yellow and is pink like the rest of the skin.
  2. For cleaning the penis for the first two or three days, pouring warm (not hot) water over it should be sufficient. If it is necessary, you may also use a mild soap.

Call Your Baby’s Doctor.

  1. If the penis becomes swollen and reddened and has a greenish-yellow, foul smelling discharge, this could be a possible infection.If this should occur, contact your baby’s doctor immediately.
  2. It is normal to have some blood spots on the diaper for the first couple days. If you notice any active blood dripping from the penis, call your baby’s doctor immediately.
  3. If you baby does not urinate once within 24 hours after the circumcision, call your baby’s doctor immediately.

Contact your doctor office if you have any concerns.