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Fighting Fat with Pinpoint Accuracy

They’re the two most oft-mentioned methods of weight loss:  diet and exercise.  There’s good reason you keep hearing those words.  Their effects are not just physical, but mental, which allows you to build off of your accomplishments and push yourself further.  Your physical health or appearance can affect your mental health, which can lead to the development of good or bad habits that then alter how we look and/or feel.  Perpetuating that cycle – for better or worse – is something we humans excel at.  It’s important to realize, then, what you want and what options you have in getting there.

What your Hair, Skin, & Nails might be telling you

You never ignore phone messages, so why not treat the messages your body sending you with the same respect? Subtle variations in your hair, skin, or nails can often suggest major changes happening internally. While many conditions are treatable with over-the-counter products, some require a trip to your doctor. Listen to your body’s messages and take the time to treat yourself to good health.

Fat loss without surgery

Many women find themselves seeking out the most recent diet fads, weight loss pills, and weight loss devices to get rid of unwanted, stubborn areas of body fat. Some even find themselves resorting to dangerous surgical procedures, such as liposuction, that can cause severe, lifelong health issues. If you have thought about resorting to these extremes, or considered going under the knife, make sure to do your research so you know what all of your options are and what the risks associated with each one is before making any decisions. With so many safe options available to help you lose that unwanted fat, surgery can often be removed from the equation. There are a few non-surgical techniques available and they all have their pros and cons. Here are a couple of those options and the good and bad of each.

Understanding Exercise & Nutrition for Women

Multi-ethnic women in exercise class

Did you know that men and women AREN’T the same when it comes to health and what our bodies need? Sure, the basics of a healthy diet and exercise are the same but there are certain things that are important for women to keep in mind that aren’t as essential to men’s’ health. Due to hormonal changes throughout our lives women have several nutritional needs that are often neglected due to not knowing how essential they are. Here are a few things for women to keep in mind when they are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.